Lunch Special

 Monday – Friday: 11AM. – 2.30PM.    ONLY      
Spicy *(1) to ****(4)

Lunch(with rice)
beef extra $1
prawn or squids extra $2

Golden Cashew* (choice of chicken or tofu):$7.95
chili Cashew nut, celery, carrot, bell pepper, and onion with mild homemade sauce.  

Emerald Garlic (choice of chicken or tofu):$7.95
Garlic, Coriander, black pepper and broccoli with garlic sauce

Showering Rama (choice of chicken or tofu):$7.95
Quick stir-fried spinach with cooking wine topped with tasty peanut sauce

Noodle Soup (choice of chicken or tofu):$7.95 (with noodle no rice)
Rice noodle & bean sprout in broth, topped with crispy garlic, onion, and cilantro

Pad Thai Noodle (chicken, tofu pork or veg):$8.95 (with noodle no rice)

Combo(with rice)

C1.Pad Thai(no meat)+Golden Cashew * (chicken or tofu):$8.95
C2. Pad Thai(no meat)+Red Curry * (chicken or tofu):$8.95
C3. Pad Thai(no meat)+Rama(chicken or tofu):$8.95
Combo ADD Fried Pot Stickers(2) for :$1

Curry(with rice)

(all curries are spicy)
 Choice of meat: Chicken, pork, tofu, vegetable
Beef extra $1.00
             Prawn or squids  extra $2.00

Green Curry**: $8.95 Choice of meat
Green curry paste in coconut milk with basileggphant, green bean and bell pepper.

Red Curry*: $8.95 Choice of meat
Red curry paste in coconut milk withbamboo shoot, basil, and bell pepper.

Panang Curry*: $8.95 Choice of meat
Red curry in rich, more creamy coconut milk with basil, bell pepper.

Yellow Curry*: $8.95 Choice of meat
Light sweet yellow curry paste in coconut milkwith potatos carrot, and onion.

Massaman Curry*: $8.95 Choice of meat
Coconut milk in massaman paste potato, carrot, onion and peanut